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Deft is the Creative Consultancy
for Social Commerce™

we unlock new revenue
from social commerce

by supercharging
creative and media

using machine learning
and our collective genius

Our Team

Social commerce is moving fast, with winners starting to take control of categories, and losers seeing their market value rapidly diminish. Deft was born out of the desire to help ambitious companies capture the creative opportunity to grow their brand on social platforms.

Our experience

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Deft’s Social Commerce Ladder

The next stage of commerce is social and the brands with the most sophisticated understanding of social commerce will win.

Facebook and Instagram are the pioneers of social commerce and the foundation for driving scale. To win, brands need dynamic
creative activations which ignite people’s interest and break through in the auction.

TikTok and Snap are the least competitive, most underleveraged platforms for social commerce, with high growth opportunities for smart brands willing to take risks.

Build a native in house social commerce capability by looking to Asia’s live streaming, group buying, distributed checkouts and
advanced influencer programmes.

If you would like to know more about how to evaluate your current capabilities and how to grow with new audiences,
please get in contact.

Trusted House Sitters x Rebrand Case Study

We worked with Trusted House Sitters stakeholders to develop a new brand strategy and messaging platform which was supported by a refreshed logo and visual identity.

Snug x Social Commerce Case Study

We worked with DTC Scale up Snug on a live social commerce activation to engage new audiences. Our strategy was to use shopper entertainment - a trend from China.