Live Commerce: Innovation sprint

Live social commerce is coming to the west...
Dec 08 • 5 min read

Building on the success of PDD in China, Western brands like NTWRK in North America and Lone Design Club in the UK are exploring live for selling.

We are looking for three brands who are currently active in ecommerce and want to explore live social commerce during December. The goal of the sprint is to build learnings for 2021 activity which will be shared amongst the participants.

We are especially interested in learning

  1. What are the most effective communications techniques pre / during / post live for generating sales?
  2. What are channel best practices for Instagram and TikTok?
  3. What can we learn about formats like showroom, workshop, makeover and product launch?

Ideal brands would have

1. Mature ecommerce & social media performance marketing capability

2. Products aimed at Millennials or GenZ

3. An in house team capable of live activations

4. A desire to innovate and grow new sales channels in 2021 (ability to invest)

How Deft will help chosen brands

1. Workshop a strategy for each brand

2. Advise on technical / creative executions

3. Take part in washup and learning review

4. Help source expert freelancers if needed

5. Aggregate results into a stakeholder presentation

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